About Facial Treatments


A fully customized 8 step oxygenating facial using the state of the art OxygenCeuticals Astrodome machine. Oxygen facials help improve blood circulation leaving the skin bright and plumped. Oxygen also accelerates wound healing and targets certain acne causing bacteria. The Astrodome uses oxygen therapy as well as light pulsed energy, near infrared technology, and negative ion therapy. This multi-platform treatment allows for deep penetration of antioxidants and light energy into the dermis layer, providing various benefits for cell renewal. Negative ion mist combined with the positive ions in your skin helps to neutralize free radical damage. Your skin will thank you for this soothing, regenerative treatment.


Our Intensive Peel is centered around the Cosmedix metabolic deep peel that is best suited for your skin. This leave on peel stimulates the skin's natural renewal process. This is the perfect reset to leave your skin refreshed and glowing.


This exfoliating treatment will remain on your skin for 8-12 hours after the appointment. Expect 7-10 days of downtime with mild to moderate flaking or peeling of the skin. Avoid exposure to the sun, excessive heat, and exercise.  This treatment cannot be performed if you have received another deep peel less than 4 weeks prior, or if you have done facial waxing within the past 3 days. If the Intensive peel is not the best option for your skin it will be substituted with a 60 minute Cosmedix Facial.  Our estheticians will instruct you further on what to expect and proper aftercare.


This treatment can be booked in a series of three for a discounted rate. A series of three is recommended for anyone looking to do deep and lasting skin corrections. Talk to your esthetician about if this could be the right option for you!


Stand alone treatment using the Lightstim Red Light LED Pro Panels. These panels are unparalleled in their healing properties. Red LED’s stimulate the production of collagen, ease inflammation, and are incredible for anti-aging. This is not a full facial, but our estheticians will begin and end the treatment with Cosmedix products.